DOHaD ANZPac Meeting 2024

We look forward to welcoming you to the DoHAD ANZPac conference, to be held at the Griffith University Southport (Gold Coast) campus on July 4th and 5th, 2024.

The Australian, New Zealand and Pacific DOHaD Society provides information for the general public, including pregnant women, prospective parents, families who already have young children, clinicians, researchers and anyone with an interest in investing in long term health and longevity. This year we have expanded our membership to include our Pacific region colleagues. Given that globalization has contributed to significant nutritional transitions in Pacific populations, the DOHaD paradigm is highly relevant as the Pacific region, as it has the highest rates of non-communicable disease risk and incidence globally.

The conference at the Gold Coast will bring together researchers, clinicians and academics in a diverse range of fields to tackle the early origins of disease. Our focus of “Development, Disease and Repair” aims to highlight advances in relevant research, crucial to inform prevention strategies associated with disease, in addition to strategies for improvement of health and well-being in communities across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 DoHAD ANZPac conference in Sunny Queensland.
Deanne Hryciw, 2024 Chair of Local Organising Committee

About Us

The European DOHaD Society is dedicated to advancing research in the field of the developmental origins of health and disease. We aim to unite researchers across Europe to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and interdisciplinary approaches to understand the complex interplay between early life exposures, developmental programming and long-term health outcomes. Our mission is to support and empower young researchers by providing opportunities for growth, collaboration, and mentorship. Through our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and scientific rigor, we strive to make meaningful contributions to improving global health outcomes for current and future generations.

Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Please find a link below to our 2023 brochure prepared for Nestle Nutrition Institute with informative and helpful information on HMO's.

DOHaD ANZPac Council

To view our Council Member's profiles, please visit the Council page.

A/Prof Bev Muhlhausler

President / Chairperson

Prof. John Bertram

International Ambassador

A/Prof Deanne Skelly

Vice-President / Chairperson

Dr Erandi Hewawasam


Dr. Emily Camm


Belinda Davison

NT Rep

DOHaD International

International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease: DOHaD
This international learned society aims to promote research into the fetal and developmental origins of health and disease.

The DOHaD concept is bringing new insights into the pathogenesis of disease. We now know that poor fetal growth and small size at birth are followed by increased risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. This has led to the hypothesis that these disorders originate through unbalanced nutrition in utero and during infancy. There is a range of experimental models for investigating the underlying biological mechanisms, and DOHaD is now a burgeoning research area in both basic and clinical sciences.

Research into developmental origins of health and disease now involves scientists from many backgrounds. This society promotes cohesion and shared knowledge between groups working in different specialties and different countries.